Dean’s Scholars Grants Application Form

Dean's Scholars Grant Application

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  • In 500 words or fewer, please describe your project. Describe (in plain English, understandable for a layperson) what you plan to do in your project, and why the receipt of this grant will allow you to accomplish certain things (e.g., conduct a particular research/art project, travel to a conference/show, conduct professional development, purchase necessary equipment) that you would otherwise be unable to do. In other words, tell us how this grant will help you!
  • In this section, please upload your detailed and itemized budget. To do so, please download the template/sample Excel sheet found below this form. In the Excel sheet, you will see a template for you to fill in, and a sample budget below, to explain the process. You need to provide a short description of each item you intend to buy. You need to provide an estimate of the cost of that item (as closely as possible). You need to provide supporting documentation to prove that the item costs as much as you have estimated. And lastly, you must justify the item by telling us why the item is needed, and what it will allow you to accomplish.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf.
    Please upload any documents/evidence in support of your itemized budget. Please upload all in the form of PDF. You may attach more than one document.

Download the template itemized budget justifcation file here: Itemized Budget Template.  Fill it out and upload it with all of the other documents that support your budget.