DSP application for new students

Note regarding scholarship projects started before application to DSP:┬áStudents may have a scholarship/research project in progress before applying to DSP. That is no problem — DSP can accept the project retroactively. Complete the application form as if the project is new — list the milestones for the entire project, even if some of them were completed prior to the DSP application.

Discovery Scholars Enrollment

Enrollment to the Discovery Scholars Program.
  • Please provide your full name.
  • Please provide your NMSU email address.
  • Please provide a phone number where we can reach you.
  • Please indicate your major(s) department. Alternatively, if you plan to work with a faculty member in a department other than your major, you may list that department instead.
  • Please provide the full name of your faculty mentor.
  • Please provide an email address for your Faculty Mentor.
  • Please provide a name for the project you will undertake.
    Please select at least 7 of the 14 benchmarks below, indicating that you intend to complete these specific items.
  • If you have an idea for a benchmark that is not considered on the list above, please describe it to us. Please tell us why you think this would constitute a significant contribution on your part, and why this benchmark relates to your field. We will consider your request, and will reach out to you to let you know if this can be considered as a viable alternative to one of the 7 required benchmarks above.
  • Please work with your faculty mentor to identify 6-10 project milestones. These are intended to give you a plan regarding what you need to complete on your project, in what order, and in what amount of time. Deviations from your intended plan are acceptable, but you must have the milestones clearly articulated, so we know that you and your mentor have given considerable thought to the execution of your work. Upon receipt, Drs Hout and McMillan will review the milestones and may ask you to clarify or elaborate. Here you can find a sample set of milestones for a hypothetical Geology DSP scholar. a. Understand the project (thesis proposal, DSP submission) -- Fall 2018 b. Collect samples (field work) -- Fall and Winter 2018 b. Send samples out for thin sections. -- Spring 2019 c. Prepare samples for geochemical analysis. -- Spring 2019 d. Perform geochemical analysis. -- Summer 2019 e. Examine and interpret thin sections. -- Summer 2019 f. Interpret geochemistry and petrography. -- Fall 2019 g. Write up results. -- Fall 2019 h. Present at conference. -- Fall 2019