Jessica Tarin

Born in Texas, raised in Juarez, Chihuahua. My name is Jessica Tarin, I am majoring in Journalism & Media Studies with minors in Advertising, Marketing, Sports Marketing and Digital Filmmaking. I work as the social media manager and public relations director for the NMSU Journalism Department. I am the president of two NMSU organizations, which are Advertising Federation and The Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization. I am doing a venture capital fellowship with HBCUvc to create equitable and inclusive economies by becoming a technology entrepreneur and investor in high-growth businesses. I am interested in learning from the creative and health tech industries. I am also a HACU leader in residency to promote Hispanic Leadership across my university and nation. My vision is to make a positive impact in the Hispanic community, society and the world. I am a born visionary with a strong passion for developing valuable-storytelling ideas to entertain and inspire. I am very passionate towards promoting education through traveling, women empowerment and diversity. My ultimate goal is to create an impact in the world by investing in peoples’ stories. My biggest hobbies are traveling, running, beans, eating my veggies, writing and coffee/tea-shop hopping.


Project Description:

“Hey Siri, I’ll Have What You’re Having”: Chatbot Peer Pressure and Food Choices. Some people smoke because their friends smoke and some people order a salad because everyone orders one. Peer pressure makes people conform to others’ health behaviors, and therefore is an important variable in health communication research. In order to add to the current research in this area, we ask the following questions: “Does peer pressure occur only among humans?” “Can robotic beings exert peer pressure?” Starting from the questions, this study will examine the effect of robotic peer pressure on healthy food choices of young adults.
  • Project description, timeline, and milestones developed with mentor; on file with DSP
  • Complete half of project milestones
  • Complete project
  • Present scholarly work at URCAS
  • Present scholarly work at conference, exhibition, recital, film festival, reading, etc.
  • Take the GRE
  • Author or co-author a manuscript submitted for publication
  • Promote #DiscoveryScholars ten times on social media
  • Attend workshop on applying for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) program
  • Apply for the NSF GRF program
  • Apply for graduate or professional school

Completed benchmarks listed in italics


Jessica’s Mentor: Dr. Gain Park:

Gain Park is an assistant professor of Journalism and Media Studies at New Mexico State University (NMSU). She grew up in Auckland, New Zealand where she received her B.A. in Marketing and Advertising. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Media and Communication (Public Relations) from Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea. She worked with local and global corporations as an account executive advising on corporate social responsibility, organizational communications, and marketing communications. Before she joined NMSU, she taught principles of public relations and trans-media storytelling at Sungkyunkwan University. Her current research focuses on corporate social responsibility, cause-related marketing, green consumerism, prosocial branding, and health communications. She teaches Social Marketing, Introduction to Public Relations, Public Relations Campaigns, Sports and Entertainment Public Relations, and Branding and Strategic Communication at NMSU.