Jiefei Liu

I am Jiefei Liu, After I finished my high school in China, I came to New Mexico State University (NMSU) in 2015 for my college study. I am currently an undergraduate student in the Computer Science Department and the president of Chinese Students and Scholars Association (2018~2019). I am also helping NMSU to recruit Chinese students. For DSP project, I am working on a Demo paper, titled “Skyline Queries Constrained by Multi-Cost Transportation Networks” , with a PhD student. I plan to graduate in spring 2020. After that I would like to apply for the PhD program in our department. During my spare time I link playing badminton and traveling.


Project Description:

People need to find hotels when they attend a conference or travel. When people choose hotels, they also need to consider transportation to arrive at their destinations. In this project, we will design a program to help people find proper hotels when they are constrained to travel using public transportation (e.g., buses, metros). The program will not only consider the general criteria (such as price, hotel rating, review) but also the travel distance and travel cost using public transportation.



  • Complete project
  • Apply for graduate or professional school


Jeifei’s Mentor Dr.Huiping:

Dr. Huiping Cao is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at New Mexico State University (NMSU). She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Cao’s research interests are in the general areas of data mining, machine learning, and big data. In particular, she is interested in creating effective and efficient methodologies for the discovery of useful knowledge from complex data (e.g., sequences and graphs) through pre-defined mining requests or ad-hoc queries. Her past and ongoing research projects include discovering sequential patterns from spatiotemporal data, integrating heterogeneous data from multiple sources, query processing over spatial databases and graph databases, mining influence information from graphs (e.g., social networks), and clustering and classifying power-system data to detect disturbances. Her work has been sponsored by several NSF awards. She has published data management and data mining articles in highly competitive venues. Dr. Cao has served at the editorial board for Journal on Data Semantics (JoDS), as reviewer for peer-reviewed journals, and as program committee member for many international conferences and workshops.