List of potential mentors

***Please note: This list is currently being updated***

Below, you will find a list of potential DSP mentors.  Please note, this is NOT an exhaustive list.  This is simply a group of professors who have indicated their interest in being DSP mentors.  Here you will find information on potential mentors, their email addresses, and their respective departments.  If you are interested in working with these people, please reach out to them via email.  Note that the decision to accept you as a mentee is entirely up to the individual mentor, so to move forward, you will need to have a discussion with your potential mentor.  If you have an additional faculty member with whom you would like to work, do not fret if they are not on this list.  That is perfectly okay, provided the faculty member agrees to mentor you through the program.  Lastly, please note that this will be a “living list.”  As more faculty become interested in the program, we will continue to modify and add to it.

Name Email Department
Boecklen, William Biology
Bailey, Donovan Biology
Curtiss, Jennifer Biology
Serrano, Elba Biology
Harvey, Neil Government
Guynn, Melissa Psychology
Hout, Michael Psychology
Kroger, James Psychology
Amato, Jeff Geological Sciences
Burgette, Reed Geological Sciences
Hampton, Brian Geological Sciences
Johnson, Emily Geological Sciences
McMillan, Nancy Geological Sciences
Ramos, Frank Geological Sciences