Angelique Amado

Angelique Amado is a Discovery Scholar working on inorganic chemistry with Dr. FeiFei Li in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  She is a native to Las Cruces and is pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry and have being doing research with Dr. Feifei Li since August of 2015. There are many ideas concerning career paths she is entertaining, but a definite decision on any chosen path has not yet been set in place. Attending graduate school in pursuit of a doctoral degree is an eminent decision of hers for the future.

Her main focus of research has been on synthesizing a cobalt macrocyclic complex that models vitamin B12. Enzymatic models such as this are employed to discover the mechanisms and intermediates involved in carbon dioxide activation. This project has the potential to widen the potential group of catalysts that can participate in small molecule activation. Information on this can lead to practical applications in industry and environmental science, such as the employment of synthetic plants and/or leaves.

Pictured above is Angelique collecting data (with her mentor, FeiFei Li) at the Stanford synchotron radiation lightsource.

Angelique and her mentor, presenting at the NMSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium (URCAS).

Angelique’s research poster, entitled: “Properties and synthetic methods concerning Co(II) derivatives and C02 activation: Poster Co[HMD]

Angeliques research poster, entitled: “Optimal parameters for analysis of XES emission spectrum: Poster curve parameters