The College of Arts and Sciences Discovery Scholars Program

The Discovery Scholars Program (DSP) is a college-wide celebration of undergraduate scholarship. DSP has evolved since its inception in 2014 but the goals of nurturing undergraduate discovery through research with faculty mentors and encouraging students to continue their education in graduate or professional school remain central. Starting in Fall 2018, any College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate who is engaged in scholarship with faculty guidance outside of regular class activities can join the program. Students may be supported by an undergraduate research program such as HHMI, MARC, AMP, BRAiN, or BRIDGES, working on an Honors College thesis, or they may be working independently with a faculty mentor. As the student’s project develops, they will meet a certain number of specified milestones such as completing the project; presenting results at URCAS (Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium), professional meeting, or show; taking the GRE; applying for graduate or professional school; etc. DSP Scholars will complete the program when a specified number of milestones have been met. And of course, there is DSP swag! DSP scholars and mentors will receive a T-shirt when they enter the program, messenger bags and hoodies after completing portions of the benchmarks, and a graduation stole upon completion.


The Las Cruces Sun News wrote a story about the DSP program, which you can find here:


If you have specific questions about this program, please email or call Associate Director of DSP, Dr. Michael C. Hout (; 575-646-1730) or Director of DSP, Dr. Nancy McMillan (; 575-646-5000).